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Teleport allowing new opportunities for logistics, e-commerce and supply chain management. We are an aggregator of delivery companies who work all over the world./ We are a delivery aggregator working all over the world.

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Cloud-based online delivery service TELEPORT combines order flows from online stores with delivery services that fully automates the process of delivery of orders to customers . Teleport opens new opportunities for logistics, e-commerce and supply chain management. We aggregator delivery services to automate the processes of registration, monitoring and tracking of delivery and significantly save on shipping for each order. Our partners offer courier services for online stores , carried courier delivery in Kiev , Ukraine, CIS , Europe and around the world , and we provide free solutions for process automation Shipping . Teleport - a service that is working without holidays and weekends, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Team Teleport Delivery Service offers you the best solutions in the field of logistics.

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Delivery For online stores

TELEPORT - on-line delivery services aggregator, offering a choice of express delivery services with the most optimal conditions and tariffs for each of your order.
Our partners are shipping to Kiev, Ukraine, CIS, Europe and worldwide.
We have compiled the largest database of delivery services, carriers and logistics companies and provide its ABSOLUTELY FREE . Now you do not need to spend time searching for the optimum service delivery, simply register with us.

What benefits will get your online store, working with service Teleport?

  • You are not restricted to one service delivery, its tariffs and conditions are not adhered to its geographical location or time of work;
  • total network delivery services, logistics companies and carriers registered with us - is more than 300 000 destinations. These are companies that operate in Ukraine, CIS, Europe and worldwide;
  • choose delivery services that offer you the best conditions and have a high rating;
  • depending on your needs and preferences, you can flexibly configure the logistics system;
  • with our automation system, you simplify the process of delivery, will be able to monitor the status of orders, their status, and much more;
  • our statistics module will allow you to analyze the statistics of applications. Real-time track the dynamics of the work shop and optimize the process;
  • you cut logistics costs due to the choice of the most suitable for each specific order.

For delivery companies

Teleport helps delivery companies solve the main problem - attracting new customers. With us already employs about 800 companies around the world.

What benefits will receive your delivery service, working with service Teleport?

  • No need to search for customers, your company will always be provided with orders;
  • modern solution to automate, streamline and accelerate the execution of operations that accompany the delivery process;
  • You set your own rates in our system. Only you determine the number of customers who will use your services;
  • You will increase your brand. Since we are working with many clients who , whenever an application for delivery, will see the name of your company and will be able to select it as a performer;
  • You reduce downtime couriers and vehicles, thanks to the distribution of orders and process automation of logistics;
  • You can easily create a system of quality control, thanks to the powerful module reviews and ratings;
  • companies with high demands get more and more profit.

How many inquiries you can get if you connect to our service?

All depends on your opportunities, rates and rankings system. Teleport provides service from 1 to 1,000 applications per day. Number of applications for delivery, you will receive will depend on you.

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